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NR-304 Health Assessment II Exam 1 Study Guide 1. What is chronic hypoxia - Low arterial oxygen in the tissue 2. Why do veins have a larger diameter - It is a compensatory mechanism of th... e heart 3. Who is at risk for venous disease? - Prolonged standing, sitting or prolonged bed rest. They do not have the milking action that help the venous blood return to the muscles 4. Peripheral artery disease affects what arteries and what is it usually caused by - 5. What is arteriosclerosis - 6. What is the strongest risk factor for peripheral arterial disease and what other factors may contribute to peripheral arterial disease? - 7. Who is at highest risk for PAD? - 8. What does a bruit indicate? - 9. Explain peripheral arterial disease - 10. When does dependent rubor (deep, blue-red color) occur? - 11. What is the modified Allen test? - 12. How do you perform the modified Allen test? 13. Who is most at risk for atherosclerosis? - 14. Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause what which results in what - 15. What are skin changes on the abdomen during pregnancy called - 16. During pregnancy the appendix moves where and if there is an appendicitis where will it be felt - 17. How does pregnancy affect the peripheral vascular system? - 18. What percent of pregnant women have peripheral edema and when? - 19. What kind of process is a deep vein thrombosis? - 20. Deep vein thrombosis can lead to what - 21. With a deep vein thrombosis what would you tell the patient not to do - 22. Will deep vein thrombosis - 23. What is considered normal blood pressure - 24. What is considered pre-hypertension - 25. What is considered stage one hypertension - 26. What is considered stage two hypertension - 27. Who is most at risk for hypertension? - 28. What does Raynaud's disease usually affect? - 29. How will Raynaud's disease present - 30. Raynaud's causes vasospasms of what - 31. Is there a cure for Raynaud's disease? - 32. What is neuropathy - 33. How does neuropathy feel - 34. What four things should you assess for when taking a pulse - 35. A weak and thready pulse is associated with what - 36. What is a bounding pulse associated with? - 37. At what age do females develop breasts - 38. What is enlarged breasts called in men - 39. In pregnant females which part of the breast becomes darkened - 40. What is the first liquid secreted from the breast after childbirth - 41. What groups have the highest rate of breast cancer? - 42. Who is most likely to die from breast cancer? - 43. Who has the lowest incidence and death rate of breast cancer? - 44. Fibrocystic breast have what - 45. What are some physical findings for fibrocystic breasts? 1. 46. How does fibrocystic breasts relate to menstruation? - 47. what are issues that increase the risk of breast cancer - 48. Lactation not associated with childbearing is called what - 49. Describe Peau d'orange - 50. What is the scrotum - 51. What are the testes - 52. Describe Hypospadius? - 53. What is Episadias? - 54. When does puberty usually occur in males? - 55. What are the first signs of puberty in males? - 56. What are the five stages of puberty in males? 1. 5. 57. What are the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer? - 58. What is the test for prostate cancer? - 59. What racial group has the highest rate of prostate cancer - 60. What disease has been linked with male sterility - 61. What age must testes be defended by and what are the consequences if not - 62. What type of pain does testicular torsion cause vs epididymitis? - 63. What are causes of impotence? - 64. What age group in PHX is the number one for drug resistant syphilis - 65. Can a person with mouth sores give a partner genital herpes? - 66. What test assists in diagnosing cervical cancer - 67. HPV is a leading cause of certain malignant cervical cancer's true or false - 68. The leading cause of UTI's in children is caused by what - 69. What vaccines can be given for HPV - 70. What would a nurse ask if child abuse is suspected? - 71. Define cystocele - 72. Define rectocele - 73. What color discharge does gonorrhea have? - 74. What type of discharge does candidiasis have? - 75. What color discharge does trichinosis have? - 76. Color of discharge of chlamydia - 77. What is the silent killer of women? - 78. Where does arterial insufficiency develop? - 79. Define intermittent Claudication - 80. What are aggravating factors with arterial insufficiency? - 81. What are relieving factors of arterial insufficiency? - 82. What are some associated symptoms of arterial insufficiency? - 83. Who is at risk for arterial insufficiency? - 84. Where is acute arterial insufficiency usually located? - 85. What are symptoms of acute arterial insufficiency? - 86. When is acute onset of arterial insufficiency? - 87. What are associated symptoms with acute arterial insufficiency? - 88. Who is at risk for acute arterial insufficiency? - 89. Do arterial ulcers bleed and where are they usually - 90. where is chronic venous insufficiency usually seen? - 91. What are characteristics of chronic venous insufficiency - 92. What are aggravating factors with chronic venous insufficiency? - 93. What are relieving factors for chronic venous insufficiency? - 94. Who is at risk for chronic venous insufficiency? - 95. Where is acute venous insufficiency located? - 96. What are characteristics of acute venous insufficiency? - 97. When is the onset of venous insufficiency? - 98. What are aggravating factors for acute venous insufficiency? - 99. What are associated symptoms with acute venous insufficiency? - 100. How may venous insufficiency look on the leg? - 101. What are varicose veins due to? - 102. What kind of blood is venous flow? - 103. How does gravity affect venous blood flow? - 104. What do valves due to the blood for the heart? - 105. Do venous ulcers bleed and where are they usually located - 106. Infections of lymph nodes go where - 107. Where is the Epitrochlear node located and what does it drain - 108. What caused an enlarged Epitrochlear node? - 109. What do cervical nodes drain - 110. What do the axillary node drain? - 111. What do the inguinal nodes drain? - 112. What is lymphedema and what is it commonly caused by? - 113. What are the early symptoms of lymphedema? - [Show More]

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