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HESI A2 ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY JUNE 2020. Review questions and answers. Rated A+

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HESI A2 ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY JUNE 2020. Review questions and answers. Rated A+ At which point is an impulse transmitted between neurons? - Synapse In most ectopic pregnancies, where does the embry... o implant? - In the Fallopian tube What is the primary hormone secreted by the thyroid? - T3/T4 What might you expect to see in a whiplash injury? - Traumatic injury to ligaments Muscle contractions that normally move food along the human digestive system are known as ______. - peristalsis Which type of nutrient does not provide the body with energy? - Vitamin Where does gas exchange take place in the lungs? - Alveoli Which is not produce by the pituitary gland? - TRH The ribs are ______ to the lungs in the human body - anterior What is the normal pH of human arterial blood? - 7.4 Which part of the brain controls balance and coordination? - CerebellumWhich enzyme functions to break down a specific sugar? - Lactase The hypothalamus is part of the ______. - endocrine system Which mineral helps to maintain the fluid balance of the body? - Potassium What is on functions of the pineal gland? - Regulation of sleep How might vitamin D deficiency present? - As crooked bones How does the lymphatic system work with the circulatory system? - Lymph draws excess fluid from the cells and deposits in into the blood vessels. What is the function of parathyroid hormone? - Activating vitamin D Which is not an important electrolyte? - Nitrogen Which is not true of the epidermis? - It houses the hair follicles The axial skeletal system contains all of these except the ______. - radius The gallbladder is part of the ______. - digestive system Which is not an example of nonspecific immune response? - Production of antibodies Which mineral is important for the formation red blood cells? - Copper The dorsal body cavity is ______ to the ventral body cavity - posteriorWhich organ system is primarily responsible for preventing water loss? - The integumentary system Which is the only long bone in the human body to lie horizontally? - Clavicle Unlike the cone cells in the eye, the rod cells are responsible for ______. - night vision A pneumothorax is caused by unusual buildup of air in the ______. - pleural cavity Where might a herniated lumbar disc most likely to create pain? - Along the sciatic nerve What is the name of the bone in the human thigh? - Femur The ovaries are part of the ______. - reproductive system What is another term for the zygomatic bone? - . Cheekbone What is urea? - End product of protein metabolism Round muscles called sphincters may be found in all of these structures except the ______. - talus Histology is the study of ______. - cells and tissues The corpus callosum facilitates communication between the ______. - left and right brain [Show More]

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