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HESI-Nutrition, Examinable questions with Answers for easy revision. Guider to Grade A+ The PN findings include right-sided weakness, slurred speech and dysphagia. The PN recognizes that Mr.Ivy is... at high risk for several problems. In reviewing the previously established nursing plan of care, the PN determines that which problem has the highest priority? - Ans-Aspiration Aspiration or the entry of foreign substances such as food or fluids into the lungs, may cause hypoxia or respiratory distress; this the highest After reviewing priorities, what is the next action the PN should take when adding to Mr. Ivy's plan of care? - Ans-Reconsider Goals The PN should first complete the subjective and objective physical findingd, interpret the data to identify problems, and then reevaluate goals. After the goals and expected outcomes are verified, the PN implements interventions, which are then evaluated to determine if the expected outcomes and goals were accomplished An interprofessional team meeting is scheduled in the afternoon to discuss interventions addressing Mr. Ivy's dysphagia. With which member of the interprofessional team should the PN coordinate concerning Mr. Ivy's dysphagia? - Ans-Speech Therapist Speech therapist have expertise in the evaluation and management of clients with dysphagia. The PN recognizes that Mr. Ivy's right-sided weakness is also a factor that contributes to his risk for altered nutrition. With which member of the interprofessional team should coordinate regarding this problem? - Ans-Occupational TherapistsOT have expertise in helping clients adapt fine motor movements for the provision of self care. They can help with placement and manipulation of objects such as eating utensils. The speech therapist schedules a home visit to reevaluate Mr.Ivy. The therapist determines that dysphagia precautions are still needed. The PN and unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) arrive at the home shortly after the therapist's evaluation is completed. The UAP prepares to assist Mr.Ivy with his noon meal and to attend to his personal hygiene by giving him a bed bath. What instruction should the PN provide the UAP? - Ans-Bather the client first and then place him in high Fowler's position during and after the meal. The head of the bed should be elevated to a high Fowler's position while the client with dysphagia is eating and should be kept elevated for at least 1 hour following the meal to reduce the risk of aspiration. Considering the need for dysphagia precautions , how should the PN intervene? - Ans-Instruct the UAP to add a thickening agent to all liquids. because clients with dysphagia typically have swallowing liquids, a thickening agent is added that changes the consistency and makes swallowing easier Which data indicates the need for the PN to evaluate Mr,. Ivy further for altered nutrition? - Ans-The conjunctival sac is pale in appearance when exposed. the conjunctival sac should be dark pink. Pallor of any mucous membranes may indicate anemia. The PN notes a change in Mr.Ivy's weight. The PN coordinates with the dietitian, who helps a 24hr calorie count. The dietitian reports to the PN that Mr.Ivy, who weighs 125lbs and is 67inches tall, consumes 800 calories per day. How should the PN monitor the client's functional ability related to nutrition? - Ans-The clients ability to feed himself with his left hand. this evaluation provides information about the client;s functional abilityWhen adding to the plan of care, which intervention should be included to provide the PN with the most accurate information regarding Mr. Ivy's ongoing, overall nutritional status? - Ans-Instruct the home health aide to weigh the client once a week. Regular accounting of the client's weight provides a useful measurement of the client's general nutritional status. Assessment of the client's pattern of weight gain or loss should be combined with other measures, such as general and dietary evaluation, for a thorough picture of the client's nutritional status How should the PN explain the results of the calorie count to Mr and Mrs Ivy? - Ans-Mr Ivy's calorie consumption is insufficient and will result in weight loss. An average adult requires 20 to 35 calories per kg. per day. Mr. Ivy, who weighs 125lbs or 57kg, need minimum of 1140 calories per day to maintain his current weight Before notifying the healthcare provider of the data reported by the dietitian, what information is most important for the PN to obtain? - Ans-The clients calculated body mass index the body mass index is calculated based on the clients height and weight and provides a picture of the clients current nutritional status regarding over or under nutrition The PN reports the data about Mr.Ivy nutritional status to the healthcare provider, who asks the PN to obtain a blood sample for several lab tests. The PN obtains the blood sample. The next day, the PN reviews a copy of the lab results. Which serum lab value reflects Mr. Ivy's altered nutrition? - AnsProtein of 5.0 g/dL the range for normal serum protein level in an adult is 6.4-8.3 g/dL. A level of 5.0 g/dL is low and it may be an indicator of malnutrition [Show More]

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