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RN Mental Health Final Exam Practice Questions with Answers all are correct answers

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RN Mental Health Final Exam Practice Questions with Answers all are correct answers 1. A nursing student new to psychiatric-mental health nursing asks a peer what resources he can use to figure out... which symptoms are present in a specific psychiatric disorder. The best answer would be: a. Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) b. Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) c. NANDA-I nursing diagnoses d. DSM-5 2. Epidemiological studies contribute to improvements in care for individuals with mental disorders by: a. Providing information about effective nursing techniques. b. Identifying risk factors that contribute to the development of a disorder. c. Identifying individuals in the general population who will develop a specific disorder. d. Identifying which individuals will respond favorably to a specific treatment. 3. Besides antianxiety agents, which classification of drugs is also commonly given to treat anxiety and anxiety disorders? a. Antipsychoticsb. Mood stabilizers c. Antidepressants d. Cholinesterase inhibitors 4. What assessment question will provide the nurse with information regarding the effects of a woman’s circadian rhythms on her quality of life? a. “How much sleep do you usually get each night?” b. “Does your heart ever seem to skip a beat?” c. “When was the last time you had a fever?” d. “Do you have problems urinating?” 5. You realize that your patient who is being treated for a major depressive disorder requires more teaching when she makes the following statement: a. “I have been on this antidepressant for 3 days. I realize that the full effect may not happen for a period of weeks.” b. “I am going to ask my nurse practitioner to discontinue my Prozac today and let me start taking a monoamine oxidase inhibitor tomorrow.” c. “I may ask to have my medication changed to Wellbutrin due to the problems I am having being romantic with my wife.” d. “I realize that there are many antidepressants and it might take a while until we find the one that works best for me.” 6. A patient being treated for insomnia is prescribed ramel-teon (Rozerem). Which comorbid mental health condition would make this medication the hypnotic of choice for this particular p [Show More]

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