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Latest Brainstorming Nutrition HESI. Revision kit. Summer 2022/2023

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Latest Brainstorming Nutrition HESI. Revision kit. Summer 2022/2023 Hydrogenation - Ans-the process of adding hydrogen to a liquid or polyunsaturated fat and changing it to a solid or semisolid sta... te Hypervitaminosis - Ans-the excess of one or more vitamins Hypoglycemia - Ans-low blood sugar Incomplete proteins - Ans-foods that lack one or more of the essential amino acids Indispensable amino acids - Ans-the 9 amino acids that the body cannot manufacture in sufficient quantity (or at all) and therefore must be supplied in the diet Intracellular - Ans-fluid within cells Invisible fats - Ans-those in which the fat is less obvious Monosaccharides - Ans-single sugars which require no digestion and are easily absorbed into the bloodstream Pasteurized - Ans-heated to a specific temperature to destroy pathogenic bacteria Polysaccharides - Ans-complex carbs Precursor - Ans-substance that precedes and can be changed into an active vitamin Saturated fats - Ans-organic compounds that are completely filled with all the hydrogen they can holdSynthetic - Ans-manufactured vitamins Unsaturated fats - Ans-hydrogen can be added to one or more places in a chemical structure Visible fats - Ans-those readily seen Vitamins - Ans-organic compounds needed in small amounts for growth and maintenance of life Functions of food (3) - Ans-1. provides energy 2. builds and repairs body tissues 3. regulates and controls the chemical processes in the body, which are essential for providing energy and building tissues [Show More]

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