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1. B: There are six steps in the scientific process, the fifth of which is "Analyze the results" (the results of the experiments that were conducted in step four). The results of step four must be an... alyzed before reaching the final step, "Develop a conclusion." - ✔✔1. The first four steps of the scientific method are as follows: I. Identify the problem II. Ask questions III. Develop a hypothesis IV. Collect data and experiment on that data Which of the following is the next step in the scientific method? a. Observe the data b. Analyze the results c. Measure the data d. Develop a conclusion 1. A: The circulatory system circulates materials throughout the entire body. The heart, blood, and blood vessels are part of the circulatory system. The kidneys, however, are part of the urinary system. - ✔✔1. Which of the following items is NOT part of the circulatory system? a. Kidneys b. Heart c. Blood d. Blood vessels 1. c. Syllabi The word syllabi is the correct plural form of syllabus. The other answer choices reflect incorrect plural forms. Specifically, syllabus does not change the form at all, and the Latin root of syllabus would require some change. At the same time, syllaba—while an accurate plural for some words with Latin roots—is incorrect in this case. And syllabis is a double form of the plural, so it cannot be correct. - ✔✔1. Which of the following nouns represents the correct plural form of the word syllabus? a. Syllabusb. Syllaba c. Syllabi d. Syllabis 1. A: Semicolons are used to separate items in a series when those items contain internal commas, such as in a listing of cities and states. Answer choice A correctly demonstrates this. Answer choice B places the semicolon between the city and its state, instead of between each listing of the city and its state, and this is incorrect. A comma is always used to separate a single instance of a city and a state. Answer choice C separate the items in the series with commas, but this creates confusion for the reader, since there are already commas between each city and its state. Answer choice D places commas between each item in the series, but fails to include the necessary comma between each city and its state - ✔✔1. Which of the following sentences shows the correct way to separate the items in the series? a. These are actual cities in the United States: Unalaska, Alaska; Yreka, California; Two Egg, Florida; and Boring, Maryland. b. These are actual cities in the United States: Unalaska; Alaska, Yreka; California, Two Egg; Florid, and Boring; Maryland. c. These are actual cities in the United States: Unalaska, Alaska, Yreka, California, Two Egg, Florida, and Boring, Maryland. d. These are actual cities in the United States: Unalaska Alaska, Yreka California, Two Egg Florida, and Boring Maryland 1. D: The revision in D removes a number of pronouns that lack clear antecedents. It also removes the need for the use of the subjunctive by placing the speech in quotations - ✔✔1. Tanya told her sister to tell her boyfriend Joe to call her as soon as he got home. Which of the following is a correct revision of the ambiguous sentence above? a. "Tanya," told her sister, "tell Joe to call your boyfriend as soon as Joe gets home." b. Her sister told her boyfriend Joe to call Tanya as soon as she got home. c. Tanya's sister was told by her, "Joe should call me when he gets home." d. Tanya said to her sister, "Tell your boyfriend Joe to call me right after he gets home." Words Ending with a Consonant - ✔✔- Usually the final consonant is doubled on a word before adding a suffix. - This is the rule for single syllable words, words ending with one consonant, and multi-syllable words with the last syllable accented. [Show More]

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