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Mometrix- Science Practice Test TEAS with COMPLETE SOLUTION

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Which of the following cannot be considered a major tissue type? A. Nerve tissue B. Muscle tissue C. Connective tissue D. Extracellular tissue - ✔✔D Which of the following atoms is denoted by ... the symbol K? A. Potassium B. Calcium C. Sodium D. Helium - ✔✔A Which of the following represents the chemical formula for Ammonia? A. NH4 B. NH3 C. NH2 D. NH1 - ✔✔B Ions that have a net negative charge are called? A. Anions B. Cations C. Molecules D. Protons - ✔✔A Which of the following atoms is the most numerous in the body? A. Chlorine B. Nitrogen C. HydrogenD. Calcium - ✔✔C Which of the following is the correct formula for pH? A. pH = -log[H+] B. pH = +log[H+] C. pH = 10/-log[H+] D. pH = 10/-log[H+] - ✔✔A Using percent of body weight calculations, which of the following categories is found in the highest concentration in the body? A. Nucleic acids B. Lipids C. Carbohydrates D. Proteins - ✔✔A [Show More]

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