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ATI Leadership Proctored Exam Latest 2020 100% Correct Answers, Download To Score A

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ATI Leadership Proctored Exam Latest 2020 100% Correct Answers, Download To Score A. 1. A nurse manager is preparing to institute a new system for scheduling staff. Several nurses have verbalized thei... r concern over the possible changes that will occur. Which of the following is an appropriate method to facilitate the adoption of the new scheduling system? A. Identify nurses who accept the change to help influence other staff nurses B. Provide a brief overview of the new scheduling system immediately before it implementation C. Introduce the new scheduling system by describing how it will save the institution money D. Offer to reassign staff who do not support the change to another unit 2. A client who is febrile is admitted to the hospital for treatment of pneumonia. In accordance with the care pathway, antibiotic therapy is prescribed. Which of the following situations requires the nurse to complete a variance report with regard to the care pathway? A. Antibiotic therapy was initiated 2 hr after implementation of the care pathway B. A blood culture was obtained after antibiotic therapy has been initiated C. The route of antibiotic therapy on the care pathway was changed from IV to PO D. An allergy to penicillin required an alternative antibiotic to be prescribed. 3. A nurse should recognize that an incident report is required when A. A client refuses to attend physical therapy B. A visitor pinches his finger in the client‟s bed frame C. A client throws a box of tissues at a nurse D. A nurse gives a med 30 min late 5. Client satisfactory surveys from a med-surg unit indicate the pain is not being adequately relieved during the first 12 hr post-opt. The unit manager decides to identify post-opt pain as a quality indicator. Which of the following data sources will be helpful in determine the reason why clients are not receiving adequate pain management after surgery? A. Prospective chart audit B. Retrospective chart audit C. Postoperative care policy D. Pain assessment policy 6. A nurse precepting a newly licenced nurse who is caring for a client who is confused and has an IV infusion. The newly licensed nurse has placed the client in wrist restraints to prevent dislodging the IV catheter. Which of the following questions should the precepting nurse ask? A. “Did you secure the restraints to the side rails of the bed?” B. “Are you able to insert two fingers between the restraint and the client‟s skin?” [Show More]

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by ljmoddrell · 2 years ago

Some questions are missing and some of the answers are not highlighted


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