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Obstetric Nursing 2 Final Exam 2021

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Obstetric Nursing 2 Final Exam 2021 Ques 1 / 1 pts Question 1 A pregnant patient has chosen to give birth in a hospital that is designated as mother friendly. What information should the nurse tea... ch the patient to expect when admitted for the birth of her baby? (Select all that apply.) Algorithm to determine when to artificially rupture the membranes Support for making informed choices about what is best for the baby Routine policies for perineal shaving and admission enemas Accurate information about procedures, drugs, and tests Application of continuous fetal monitoring prior to delivery 4/7/2021 Obstetric Nursing 2: MBOL BATCH 2021 https://feu.instructure.com/courses/67584/quizzes/584827 2/63 Ques 1 / 1 pts Question 2 A pregnant patient enrolls in an expectant parents class during the second trimester of pregnancy. Which material should the nurse prepare to reinforce after these classes conclude? (Select all that apply.) Infant immunization schedules Newborn nutrition The birth process Types of birth settings Home safety Ques 1 / 1 pts Question 3 A nurse is teaching a pregnant patient about the importance of practicing perineal exercises during pregnancy. The nurse determines that the teaching was successful based on which patient statement? "These exercises will help make my labor less painful." "My muscles will get back into shape much more quickly." "I'll need less stitches with my episiotomy." "My muscles will be able to stretch more easily during labor." [Show More]

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