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ADH 1 Adult Health 2 EXAM II 2022 Graded A+

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ADH 1 Adult Health 2 EXAM II 2022 Graded A+ 1. Patient on PEEP (believe) experiencing ARDS (select all that apply) a. Beta blocker b. Loop diuretic c. Bronchodilator d. Something else corticosteri... an Look it up 2. The nurse assists the provider with a liver biopsy at the bedside. Which position does the nurse put the patient in after the biopsy? Supine with head elevated on one pillow Semi-fowlers with two pillows under the leg Right side lying with a folded towel under the puncture site Left side lying with a small pillow under the puncture site 3. A patient is hospitalized for severe anorexia, fatigue, mild jaundice, hepatomegaly, and abnormal liver function tests. The physician suspects viral hepatitis. In planning care, which patient outcome does the nurse assign the highest priority? Maintains adequate nutrition Maintains usual exercise regimen Adapts to changes in appearance Definitely identifies source of exposure to hepatitis virus 4. Select all the potential causes for hepatic inflammation (double check this answer) Virus Penicillin Acetaminophen Alcohol Chocolate 5. A patient admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of cirrhosis has a massive ascites’s and difficulty breathing. The nurse performers which intervention as a priority measure to assist the patient with breathing? Reposition side to side every 2 hours Auscultate the lung sounds every 4hours Encourage deep breathing exercises Elevate the head of the bed 60 degrees [Show More]

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