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DoD Government Purchase Card Refresher Training, Questions and answers. Latest. Review.

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DoD Government Purchase Card Refresher Training, Questions and answers. Latest. Review. The limitation for convenience check (CC) accounts for overseas contingencies differs from the regular CC ac... count limitation in that it allows for transactions up to $10,000. - Ans-True An Approving Officer (AO) responsible for originating, approving, or processing the requirement for a check may also be a convenience check custodian. - Ans-False Cardholders in contracting organizations must comply with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements when the card is used as a payment method on a contractual document. - Ans-True If Government Purchase Cardholder, Bob Johnson, needs to purchase a projector for the e-Gov Conference in Washington, DC this coming February, the spending limit is set at which of the following? - Ans-$3,500 For which situation does the $2,000 spending limit apply? - Ans-Purchasing construction.If Government Purchase Cardholder, Linda Hamilton, needs to purchase weapon safety training for her team, the spending limit is set at which of the following? - Ans-$25,000 The SF 182 is the correct form used for purchasing training while paying with the Government Purchase Card (GPC). - Ans-True Which of the following states the correct order of priority for the mandatory sources of supply? - Ans-Activity or installation inventories, Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR), National Industries for the Blind/Severely Handicapped (NIB/NISH), wholesale supply sources. When purchasing a product on the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) list, the product must contain _____________________. - AnsRecycled material Cardholders satisfy requirements for services from the sources to include the Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped (NIB/NISH); Mandatory Federal Supply Schedules (FSS); and Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR). - Ans-TrueWhich of the following are transactions intended for government use but were not, or did not appear to be, for a purpose permitted by law? - Ans-Improper Transactions Which of the following is a responsibility of the Government Purchase Cardholder? - AnsEnsures funding availability Any increase to a card-holder's monthly or office purchase limits must be coordinated between which two individuals? - Ans-Financial Manager and the Supervisor [Show More]

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