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USACE 101- EV final exam-with verified answers-2022 QUESTION 1 1. True or False. DoD Commanders tasked to provide disaster assistance in Haiti following an earthquake can fund humanitarian... assistance projects for the local civilian population with the Commander's Emergency Response Program (CERP). True False QUESTION 2 4 points 1. As part of your installation's "Quality of Life" initiative, the Chief, Directorate of Engineering has proposed tearing down the building that now houses the Child Development Center (CDC), moving the CDC to the gymnasium (so kids will have lots of room to run around and play on the weight-lifting equipment), and constructing a new barracks complex on the site where the CDC was located. Construction of the new barracks will cost about $4.8 million dollars. If approved, which type of funds should be used to fund the construction of the barracks? Operation and Maintenance Funds (O&M). Military Construction Funds (MILCON). Unspecified Minor Military Construction Funds (UMMC). Unspecified Quality of Life Enhancement Funds. QUESTION 3 4 points 1. Under an acquisition and cross-servicing agreement (ACSA), a country can "pay" for goods or services this way: Payment in Kind (PIK) (cash). Equal Value Exchange (EVE). Replacement in Kind CONTINUED..... [Show More]

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