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Mr. Bauer is 49 years old, but eighteen months ago he was declared disabled by the Social Security Administration and has been receiving disability payments. He is wondering whether he can obtain cove... rage under Medicare. What should you tell him? (ANS- After receiving such disability payments for 24 months, he will be automatically enrolled in Medicare, regardless of age Mrs. Geisler's neighbor told her she should look at her Part D options during the annual Medicare enrollment period because features of Part D might have changed. Mrs. Geisler can't remember what Part D is so she called you to ask what her neighbor was talking about. What could you tell her? (ANS- Part D covers prescription drugs & she should look at her premiums, formulary, & cost sharing among other factors to see if they have changed Mr. Davis is 52 years old and has recently been diagnosed with end-stage renal diease (ESRD) and will soon begin dialysis. He is wondering if he can obtain coverage under Medicare. What should you tell him? (ANS- He may sign up for Medicare at any time however coverage usually begins on the fourth month after dialysis treatments start Mr. Xi will soon turn age 65 and has come to you for advice as to what services are provided under Original Medicare. What should you tell Mr. Xi that best describes the health coverage provided to Medicare beneficiaries? (ANS- Beneficiaries under Original Medicare have no cost-sharing for most preventive services which inc. immunizations such as annual flu shots Madeline Martinez was widowed several years ago. Her husband worked for many years and contributed into the Medicare system. He also left a substantial estate which provides Madeline w/ an annual income of approx. $130,000. Madeline, who has only worked part-time for the last 3 years, will soon turn age 65 and hopes to enroll in Original Medicare. She comes to you for advice. What should you tell her? (ANS- You should tell Madeline that she will be able to enroll in Medicare Part A w/out paying monthly premiums due to her husband's long work record & participation in the Medicare system. You should also tell Madeline that she will pay Part B premiums at more than the standard lowest rate but less than the highest rate due to her substantial income Ms. Moore plans to retire when she turns 65 in a few months. She is in excellent health and will have considerable income when she retires. She is concerned that her income will make it impossible for her to qualify for Medicare. What could you tell her to address her concern? (ANS- Medicare is a program for people age 65 or older & those under age 65 w/ certain disabilities, end-stage renal disease, & Lou Gehrig's disease so she will be eligible for Medicare Mrs. Quinn recently turned 66 and decided after __________ Social Security benefits. Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Quinn received a letter informing her she has been automatically enrolled in Medicare Part B. She wants to understand what this means. What should you tell her? (ANS- Part B primarily covers physician services. She will be paying a monthly premium &, with the exception of many preventive and screening tests, generally will have 20% coinsurance for these services, in addition to an annual deductible Mr. Wu is eligible for Medicare. He has limited financial resources but failed to qualify for the Part D low income subsidy. Where might he turn for help w/ his prescription drug costs? (ANS- He may still qualify for help in paying Part D costs through his State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program Mr. Moy's wife has a Medicare Advantage Plan, but he wants to understand what coverage Medicare Supplemental Insurance provides since his health care needs are different from his wife's needs. What could you tell him? (ANS- Medicare Supplemental Insurance would help cover his Part A & B cost sharing in Original Fee-for-Service (FFS) Medicare as well as possibly some services that Medicare does not cover Anita Magri will turn 65 in August 2020. Anita intends to enroll in Original Medicare Part A & B. She would also like to enroll in a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan. Anita's older neighbor Mel had told her about Medigap Part F plan in which he is enrolled. It not only provides foreign travel emergency benefits, but also covers his Medicare Part B deductible. Anita comes to you for advice. What should you tell her? (ANS- You are sorry to disappoint her but a Medigap Part F plan is no longer available to those who turn 65 after Jan. 1, 2020. Anita might instead consider other Medigap plans that offer foreign travel benefits but do not cover the Part B deductible [Show More]

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