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UHC Ethics and Compliance Test /Latest Updated/ Questions & Answers

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Agent John is planning to conduct a series of events. Some will be strictly educational, others will be formal presentations of specific UnitedHealthcare plans, and others will be informal marketing e... vents where he can generate leads and schedule future in-home marketing appointments. Of the three types of events John plans to conduct, which need to be reported to UnitedHealthcare? (ANS - Only the marketing/sales events, both formal and informal. Whose email address may the agent enter into the LEAN enrollment application? (ANS - Only the consumer's email (or leave it blank). Annual Election Period (AEP) is a time when: (ANS - Consumers can elect to join a Medicare Advantage Plan or switch to a different plan. Which of the following materials is an agent NOT permitted to display and/or distribute at a marketing/sales event? (ANS - 5-dollar gift cards to an in-network pharmacy. Rina, a consumer, has requested an appointment with Connor, an agent, to discuss DSNPs. Prior to the appointment Rina completed a Scope of Appointment (SOA) form. On the day of the appointment, Rina brings her friend Shelley, who is Medicare-eligible, to the meeting. Shelley also wants to talk about DSNPs. What should Connor do when he sees both Rina and Shelley at the appointment? (ANS - Ask Shelley to complete an SOA before the start of the meeting. Which describes the purpose of educational events? (ANS - Educational events provide objective information about the Medicare program and/or health improvement and wellness. Which of the following describes Permission to Contact guidelines? (ANS - It is method specific (e.g., telephone, email), short term (i.e., expires when contact is made), and event specific (i.e., limited to the products identified). Agent Ralph wants to market Medicare Advantage Plans in his neighborhood - an area that consists of single-family houses, an assisted living facility, a church, and public library. Which of the following methods of contact is permitted? (ANS - Ralph sends a flyer inviting consumers to a marketing/sales event to each resident via postal mail. An individual with Power of Attorney is an example of what authority? (ANS - Legal authority under state law to act on behalf of another individual. Which of the following is not considered unsolicited contact with a Medicare eligible consumer according to CMS regulations and UnitedHealthcare's rules, policies, and procedures? (ANS - Mailing a marketing brochure to the consumer via postal mail. [Show More]

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