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1. Executive orders 12674 and 12731 form the foundational policy on the ethical conduct of federal employees. What are three violations of these executive orders Using public office for private gai... n Defrauding the government Giving preferential treatment to any person or organization 2. Once you established a good working relationingship with a particular supplier you should make all of your purchases from that supplier False 3. Cardholders who have been formally granter the appropriate authority in their letter of delegation may use the government wide commercial purchase card to make simplified acquisitions up to $25,000 outside the United States and its jurisdictions True 4. Which three of the following statements are true Ordering officers are established to provide dod components with the ability to make purchases against existing contracts to support their missions Ordering officer appointments are distinct from governmentwide commercial purchase card cardholder appointments Only dod contractors may be appointed as ordering officers No ordering officer may be appointed until they have received training commensurate with their delegated authority 5. If transactions not made by the cardholder appear on the statement of account, the cardholder should disput them with the card issuing bank within how many days of the transactions date 30 CONTINUED........ [Show More]

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