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CLG006 Certifying Officer Legislation Training Exam-with verified answers-2022

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CLG006 Certifying Officer Legislation Training Exam-with verified answers-2022 Back to Status page contains 16 Questions 1) Certifying Officer’s responsibilities are specified in: [Recogn... ize what the Certifying Officer is accountable for.] All of these 31 USC Section 3528(a) Section 2784 of Title 10 USC FMR 7000.14R 2) What is NOT included in the valid payment log? [Recognize the requirements for a valid payment of a voucher.] [Remediation Accessed :N] Authorization number. Date on which the item was ordered. Name of the requestor. Total dollar value of the transaction. 3) A Certifying Officer must depend on other personnel involved in the payment authorization process to provide accurate and timely documents and quality service. [Explain the concepts of reliable information and the audit trail relevant to payment certification.] [Remediation Accessed :N] CONTINUED.......... [Show More]

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