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maternal newborn ati proctored exam 2019 (A+ GRADED 100% VERIFIED)

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FHR can be heard by a doppler at - ANS 10-12 weeks gestation when should a nurse start measuring a woman's fundal height? - ANS after 12 weeks gestation between 18-30 weeks the fundal height s... hould measure what? - ANS it should equal the week of gestation MSAFP screening is done at - ANS 15-22 weeks gestation smoking tobacco during pregnancy is associated with - ANS low birth weight pregnant women should consume how much water each day? - ANS 2-3 liters of water each day regarding kick counts what are the signs the woman needs further evaluation? - ANS there are less than 3 kicks in one hour or there are no signs of fetal movement for 12 hours recommended weight gain during pregnancy - ANS 25-30 pounds, 3-4 pounds first trimester and 1 pound per week last two trimesters foods high in folic acid - ANS leafy greens, dried peas, dried beans, seeds, orange juice recommended amount of folic acid intake during pregnancy - ANS 600 mcg recommended folic acid intake for lactating pregnant women - ANS 500 mcg what vitamin increases absorption of iron - ANS vitamin c client's bladder needs to be ____ before an ultrasound - ANS full BPP normal score - ANS 8-10 BPP abnormal score - ANS less than 4 if [Show More]

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ATI Proctored exam maternal newborn 2019 ( v1-v6) brand new !!! A+ GRADED 100% VERIIFIED)

ATI Proctored exam maternal newborn 2019 ( v1-v6) brand new !!! A+ GRADED 100% VERIIFIED)

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