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Building Equipment and playground 2

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Where applicable, prior to a licence being issued, records must show that the premises meets the requirements: (select all that apply) How many square metres/square feet are required for the room i... f there are 10 infants under Schedule 1? What is the maximum number of infants allowed in each separate play room as indicated under Schedule 1? In a program that runs for six hours a day, a playground for 10 preschool children must be at least: What are the criteria to keep in mind when selecting play materials and furnishings? (select all that apply) For a kindergarten group of 10 children licensed under Schedule 1, there must be: The temperature of the rooms must be maintained at the level of at least 20 degrees Celsius, regardless of the season Basic requirements for outdoor play equipment are: (select all that apply) If infant, toddler, preschool, kindergarten and/or family age groups use a playground, the fence must: The playground gate must meet the following requirement: A playground must be provided for a child care centre that: All child care centres (except where the child care centre is located in a publiclyfunded school and serves children in licensed kindergarten age groups and older) must have space allocated for: (select all that apply) In regards to playgrounds, licensees must ensure the following: (select all that apply) [Show More]

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