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Chapter 1: The Nursing Assistant in Long-Term Care

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1. Another name for a long-term care (LTC) facility is a(n) A) Nursing home B) Home health facility C) Assisted living facility D) Adult day services apartment 2. A person who lives in a long-ter... m care facility is called a resident because A) The facility is her home B) She is picked up at the end of each day to go home C) She does not have any living family members D) She does not need skilled care - A) The facility is her home 3. Assisted living facilities are usually for A) Residents who need around-the-clock intensive care B) Residents who are generally independent and do not need skilled care C) Residents who will die within six months D) Residents who require acute care 4. How does home health aide care differ from nursing assistant care? A) Home health aides do not assist with personal care. B) Home health aides may clean the home and do laundry. C) Home health aides do not have supervisors. D) Home health care takes place in a hospital, rather than in a long-term care facility. - 5. A program of care given by a specialist or a team of specialists to restore or improve function after an illness or injury is called A) Acute care B) Subacute care C) Rehabilitation D) Hospice care 6. Inter-generational care is A) People of the same generation spending time together B) Pets brought into a long-term care facility to help brighten a resident's day C) Adult and child care merged so that young and old can spend time together D) The generation caring for children and aging parents at the same time [Show More]

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