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1kwh of electric power is equivalent to ___ btu per hour. A. 3142 B. 6412 C. 9412 D. 6812 - ✔✔A Gas valves operate at ____ voltage. A. 120v B. 230v C. 24v D. 12v - ✔✔C What will be t... he resistance in the circuit if the supply voltage is 30v and current flowing through the circuit is 5A. A. 3 ohms B. 1/3 ohms C. 1/6 ohms D. 6 ohms - ✔✔D Furnaces are placed into categories based upon. A. Venting characteristics B. Btuh capacity range C. Total airflow in CFM D. Gas valve type - ✔✔A An oil separator is located in the____ A. Expansion line B. Liquid line C. Suction line D. Discharge line - ✔✔D Propane and butane are ____ than air. A. Same weight B. Heavier C. Lighter - ✔✔B Current in a closed circuit is limited by which of the following?A. Heat B. Voltage C. Temperature D. Resistance - ✔✔D _____ use two special helical rotors that introduce suction vapors then compress them. A. All options are correct B. Scroll compressors C. Reciprocating compressors D. Screw compressors [Show More]

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