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ATI RN Mental Health Proctored Exam (13 LatestVersions, 2021)

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ATI RN Mental Health Proctored Exam (13 LatestVersions, 2021) / ATI Mental Health Proctored Exam /Mental Health ATI Proctored Exam (Complete Guide forExam Preparation, 100% Correct Answers) A nurse... is caring for a client who has bipolar disorder and is experiencing a manic episode. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? a. Encourage the client to join group activities b. Dim the lights in the clients room c. Provide detailed explanations to the client d. Administer methylphenidate A nurse is leading a crisis intervention group for adolescents who witnessed the suicide of a classmate. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first. a. Initiate referrals b. Review community resources c. Identify prior coping skills d. Discuss the importance of confidentiality A nurse overhears a client saying, "I am a spy, a spy for the FBI. I am an I, an eye for an eye in the sky. Sky is up high." The nurse should document the client's statement as which of the following speech alterations? a. Echolalia b. Word salad c. Neologism d. Clang association An older adult client is brought to the mental health clinic by her daughter. The daughter reports that her mother is not eating and seems uninterested in routine activities. The daughter states "I'm so worried that my mother is depressed" which of the following responses should the nurse make? a. Everyone gets depressed from time to time. b. You shouldn't worry about this because depressive disorder is easily treated. c. Older adults are usually diagnosed with depressive disorder as they age. d. Tell me the reasons you think your mother is depressed. A nurse is planning care for an adolescent who has autism spectrum disorder. Which of the following outcomes should the nurse include in the plan care? a. Meets own needs without manipulating others. b. Initiates social interactions with caregivers. [Show More]

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