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WGU C702 Questions and Answers with Complete Solutions A software company suspects that employees have set up automatic corporate email forwarding to their personal inboxes against company policy. ... The company hires forensic investigators to identify the employees violating policy, with the intention of issuing warnings to them. Which type of cybercrime investigation approach is this company taking? Civil Criminal Administrative Punitive ✔✔Administrative Which model or legislation applies a holistic approach toward any criminal activity as a criminal operation? Enterprise Theory of Investigation Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Evidence Examination Law Enforcement Cyber Incident Reporting ✔✔Enterprise Theory of Investigation What does a forensic investigator need to obtain before seizing a computing device in a criminal case? Court warrant Completed crime report Chain of custody document Plaintiff's permission ✔✔Court warrant Which activity should be used to check whether an application has ever been installed on a computer? Penetration test Risk analysis Log review Security review ✔✔Log review Which characteristic describes an organization's forensic readiness in the context of cybercrimes? It includes moral considerations. It includes cost considerations. It excludes nontechnical actions. It excludes technical actions. ✔✔It includes cost considerations. A cybercrime investigator identifies a Universal Serial Bus (USB) memory stick containing emails as a primary piece of evidence. Who must sign the chain of custody document once the USB stick is in evidence? Those who obtain access to the device Anyone who has ever used the device Recipients of emails on the device Authors of emails on the device ✔✔Those who obtain access to the device Which type of attack is a denial-of-service technique that sends a large amount of data to overwhelm system resources? Phishing Spamming Mail bombing Bluejacking ✔✔Mail bombing Which computer crime forensics step requires an investigator to duplicate and image the collected digital information? Securing evidence Acquiring data Analyzing data Assessing evidence ✔✔Acquiring data What is the last step of a criminal investigation that requires the involvement of a computer forensic investigator? Analyzing the data collected Testifying in court Assessing the evidence Performing search and seizure ✔✔Testifying in court How can a forensic investigator verify an Android mobile device is on, without potentially changing the original evidence or interacting with the operating system? Check to see if it is plugged into a computer Tap the screen multiple times Look for flashing lights Hold down the power button ✔✔Look for fla [Show More]

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