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CDR Practice Exam 1 | 125 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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What is the stored form of glucose? a. glycogen b. sucrose c. myoglobin d. monosaccharide - ✔✔A->Glycogen is the stored form of glucose and is classified as a polysaccharide. Sucrose is a di... saccharide sugar. Monosaccharides are a class of sugar, but not the stored form of glucose. Myoglobin is not a sugar. Which of the following is the minimum for wet diapers and stools expected daily for a properly fed breastfed infant? a. 4 wet and 2 stools b. 5 wet and 3 stools c. 8 wet and 4 stools d. 10 wet and 7 stools - ✔✔B-> Breastfed infants are expected to have at least 5 wet diapers and 3 stools per day. Monitoring the number of wet diapers and stools provides an indication of adequate intake. Typically, breastfed infants have more stools than formula-fed infants Registered dietitians must adhere to which of the following to avoid losing their credentials? a. code of ethics b. ethics and morality clause c. standards of professional conduct d. performance standards - ✔✔A-> Like many professional organization, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has a Code of Ethics that must be followed by professionals within the organization Which of the following is the appropriate first step in dealing with food recall at your foodservice organization? a. communicating within the organization? b. determining if food was served to the public? c. communicating with the public? d. providing a press release? - ✔✔A-> Details of the recall need to first be communicated throughout the organization, including any satellite sites. Once everyone has the appropriate information, it can be determined whether any food was actually served to the public. If so, then the public should be notified if there is any danger.How does Crohn's Disease differ from Ulcerative Colitis? a. Crohn's disease involves inflammation only in the large intestine b. Ulcerative Colitis involves inflammation only in the large intestine c. Weight loss is common with Crohn's disease but not with Ulcerative Colitis d. Absorption is affected in Ulcerative Colitis but not in Crohn's disease - ✔✔B-> Ulcerative Colitis involved inflammation of the large intestines Crohn's disease may involve inflammation in any part of the digestive tract. In both absorption is affected and weight loss is a concern What type of sugar is created from the hydrolysis of sucrose? a. granulated table sugar b. raw sugar c. invert sugar d. corn sugar - ✔✔C-> Invert sugar is created from the breakdown of sucrose in water to form a mixture of glucose and fructose; invert sugars are often used in syrups. Sucrose is used to form granulated table sugar [Show More]

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