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AORN PERIOP 101 Exam with 100% Correct Answers All the following professionals are qualified to provide anesthesia to a patient EXCEPT: a) anesthesiologist b) CRNA c) anesthesiology assistant ... d) operating surgeon -Answer- d) operating surgeon Of the following, which is not used to secure airway: a) ET tube b) LMA c) nasal cannula d) oral airway -Answer- c) nasal cannula The perioperative team should know the location of equipment stored in the OR and in the department. Equipment that the anesthesia provider may request includes: a) video laryngoscopy devices b) fiberoptic bronchoscopes c) suction tips and devices d) all of the above -Answer- d) all of the above General Anesthesia -Answer- a drug-induced reversible state of unconsciousness, it includes amnesia, analgesia, loss of responsiveness, decreased stress response, and loss of skeletal muscle reflexes to varying degree Regional Anesthesia -Answer- an injection of local anesthetics near nerve fibers to cause reversible loss of sensation over an area of the body, common examples include spinal, epidural, and peripheral nerve blocks Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC) -Answer- when an anesthesia provider monitors the patient, administers sedatives and other agents as needed, and provides medical services as needed Moderate Sedation -Answer- the administration of sedative, analgesic, and/or anxiolytic agents by a physician or under physician supervision. Depending on state laws and hospital policies, a perioperative nurse may be able to administer this type of anesthesia Local Anesthesia -Answer- The infiltration or topical administration of agents to anesthetize a part of the body. It is typically used for minor procedures, does not involve an anesthesia provider, and does not involve sedation. A perioperative nurse monitors the patient and provides supportive care if needed. The phases of general anesthesia, in order, are: a) induction, maintenance, emergence b) emergence, maintenance, induction c) maintenance, emergence, induction d) induction, emergence, maintenance -Answer- a) induction, maintenance, emergence Propofol -Answer- IV induction agent etomidate -Answer- IV induction agent methohexitol -Answer- IV induction agent IV induction agent -Answer- ketamine sevoflurane with or without nitric oxide -Answer- inhaled induction agent Succinylcholine -Answer- short-acting muscle relaxant cisatracurium -Answer- intermediate-acting muscle relaxant atracurium -Answer- intermediate-acting muscle relaxant rocuronium -Answer- intermediate-acting muscle relaxant vecuronium -Answer- intermediate-acting muscle relaxant pancuronium -Answer- long-acting muscle relaxant isoflurane -Answer- used for inhalation maintenance desflurane -Answer- used for inhalation maintenance total iv anesthesia (TIVA) -Answer- a technique for maintaining anesthesia using infusions of short-acting IV agents without inhalation anesthetics. Propofol and remifentanil are often used for TIVA. Reversal agent for succinylcholine -Answer- none! neostigmine -Answer- reversal for muscle relaxant (except succinylcholine) edrophonium -Answer- reversal for muscle relaxant (except succinylcholine) sugammadex -Answer- reversal agent for rocuronium, vecuronium, and pancuronium flumazenil -Answer- reversal agent for benzos (midazolam) naloxone -Answer- reversal agent for narcotics (fentanyl) [Show More]

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