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NRNP 6552 Week 11 Final Exam LATEST 2022/2023(Verified answers)100%PASS

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Question 1 1/1 In a woman who is 20 weeks pregnant, the fundus is typically the same height as: A . The symphysis pubis B . The umbilicus C . The xiphoid process D . None of the above ... Question 2 0/1 The following are risk factors for breast cancer except: A . Menarche after the age of 12 B . Nulliparity C . Menopause at age 55 years or older D . First full-term pregnancy after age 30 Question 3 1/1 Your patient is pregnant and has three cats. You educate her that she should have someone else clean the litter box as there is an infection that can spread through cat feces that can be harmful to the unborn baby. The infection is called: A . E. Coli B . Toxoplasmosis C . Cat-scratch fever D . Tetanus Question 4 1/1 All of the following are disadvantages of Combined Oral Contraceptives except: A . The need for daily pill taking B . The ongoing cost of the method for some individuals C . Side effects for some women D . Reduction in the risk of some types of cancer Question 5 0/1 With irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), typically defecation: A . Makes the pain more intense B . Provides relief from the Pain C . Makes no difference in the pain D . Causes intense cramping Question 6 1/1 The Tanner scale divides sexual physical maturity into ________ stages A . Thre e B . Five C . Seve n D . Nine Question 7 1/1 Nonlatex condoms: A . Fit tighter on the penis than latex condoms B . Come in a variety of colors C . Have an increased risk of breakage or slippage during intercourse than latex condom D . Lead to a greater incidence of allergies than latex condoms Question 8 1/1 A potentially toxic environmental substance is lead. In pregnancy, lead is a neurotoxin and can cause learning deficits and developmental delays. Lead is found in all of the following except: A . Fish B . Older homes with lead paint C . Certain types of pottery D . Some stained glas [Show More]

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