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NRNP 6552 midterm Final Exam LATEST 2022/2023(Verified answers)100%PASS

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Question 1 0/1 Serum FSH indirectly measures ovarian function, with _______ levels of FSH indicating normally functioning ovaries. A . Lower B . Media n C . Highe r D . Absen t Quest... ion 2 1/1 Endometrial polyps are most commonly identified by: A . A speculum exam B . A bimanual exam C . A pap smear D . A transvaginal ultrasound Question 3 1/1 Clinicians can participate in primary sexual violence prevention by applying individual prevention skills, such as: A . Challenging behaviors in others that promote violence B . Engaging in healthy professional and personal relationships C . Learning to identify risk factors for sexually abusive behaviors D . B and C E . A, B, and C Question 4 1/1 A waiting period of ____________ between bariatric surgery and pregnancy is recommended. A . 6-12 months B . 6-18 months C . 12-24 months D . 3-5 years Question 5 1/1 Barriers for providers related to intimate partner violence screening include: A . Discomfort with the topic B . Having too much power that might be intimidating C . Time constraints D . A and C E . A, B, and C Question 6 1/1 Hirsutism is defined as: A . Excessive terminal hair loss in women B . Excessive nail growth in women C . Brittle nail growth in women D . Excessive terminal hair growth in women Question 7 0/1 A pharmacologic treatment for patients with Hydradenitis Suppurativa (HI) may include A . Clindamycin B . Minocycline C Metformin . D . All of the above Question 8 1/1 When looking from a feminist perspective at research studies, one of the great concerns is that: A . There are too many studies involving women B . Most of the research is qualitative, which limits the applicability C . For many years, studies were done primarily on men with the findings being generalized to women D . None of the above [Show More]

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