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Financial & Managerial Accounting for Undergraduates, 2nd Edition By Wallace, Nelson, Christensen, Hobson, Matthews (Test Bank )

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We wrote this book to satisfy the needs of students taking an introductory course in financial and managerial accounting by providing a high quality, contemporary, and engaging textbook at an affordab... le price. Financial & Managerial Accounting for Undergraduates 2e is written for students who want to understand how financial statements are prepared and how the information in published financial reports is used. It will also introduce students to management accounting concepts and decision making tools that will help them become effective managers in an increasingly competitive global market. The publication of this text has benefited from extensive feedback and suggestions from focus groups, market surveys, manuscript reviews, and interviews with faculty from across the country. Target Audience Financial & Managerial Accounting for Undergraduates is intended for use in introductory financial and managerial accounting courses at the undergraduate level; courses that balance the development of financial statements and management accounting tools, with their interpretation and use in decision making. This book teaches future business professionals how to read, analyze, and interpret accounting and other company, industry, and economic data to make informed business decisions. Value Incredible Value: Offered at $130 net to the bookstore (which includes textbook and access to MBC), your students will benefit from high quality course materials and access to online learning tools at a price significantly lower than that of other textbooks. Show Less [Show More]

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