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CPT Exam 2022 Questions and Answers with complete solution

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CPT Exam 2022 Questions and Answers with complete solutionWhich of the following test(s) are required to be performed by law on all newborns in the United States? Correct Answer-PKU Why must a phle... botomist discard the first sample drawn from a heparin or saline lock? Correct AnswerPotential dilution of the specimen A first-time blood donor wants to know how much blood will be taken during the procedure. The phlebotomist states that the average volume of a "unit" of blood is: Correct Answer-450ml The donation of blood by a patient for his or her own use at a later time is known as: Correct AnswerAutologous donation The phlebotomist has just completed the collection of a specimen for cold agglutinins. What special collection and/or transport measures must be taken by the phlebotomist after collection of this sample? Correct Answer-The specimen must be collected in a prewarmed tube Which of the following sample collections does not require transportation of the sample to the laboratory in a chilled environment? Correct Answer-Vitamin A The phlebotomist has just collected a specimen that needs to be protected from light during transportation to the laboratory. Which of the following specimens did the phlebotomist collect? Correct Answer-Beta-carotene Which of the following samples is not collected for use as evidence in a legal proceeding? Correct AnswerPKU testing The phlebotomist is called to the ER to pick up forensic specimens for a sexual assault. The most important concept the phlebotomist must adhere to in handling forensic specimens in proper: Correct Answer-Chain of custodyWhich of the following criteria is evaluated to determine if a per [Show More]

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