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Exam 4 Study Guide (Includes information from the required text, Cary’s review, and Leik) Musculoskeletal Think about the following useful approaches to help determine differential diagnoses for... musculoskeletal complaints: • Acute or chronic in duration Acute Chronic - Acute musculoskeletal injury implies pain of less than 6 weeks’ duration. - Non-articular condition consider: • Trauma/fracture • Fibromyalgia • Polymyalgia rheumatica • Bursitis • Tendinitis - Articular condition consider: • Acute arthritis Infectious arthritis Gout Pseudogout Reactive arthritis • Initial presentation of chronic arthritis - complaint > 6 weeks - If the problem is chronic, ask the patient why he or she is addressing it at this particular time. -Consider the following to guide your differentials… Is inflammation present? Is there prolonged morning stiffness? Is there soft tissue swelling? Are there systemic symptoms? Is the ESR or CRP elevated? -Examples of chronic conditions include: • Osteoarthritis • Psoriatic arthritis • Reactive arthritis • Rheumatoid arthritis • SLE • Sclerodema • Polymyositis [Show More]

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