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NURS 6531 Midterm Exam Review (Week 1-6) **Save for Final comprehensive Exam Review** Competencies of Advanced Nurse Practitioners HOW TO APPLY ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSING COMPETENCIES TO CLINICAL SE... TTINGS With the growth in Advanced Practice Roles such as the Clinical Nurse Specialist and Nurse Practitioner titles there is more recognition and interest in the potential benefits that APNs may bring to the care of patients. Numerous studies have shown the value of using advanced practice nurses in the clinical setting yielding significant contributions and examples of outcome measures for APNs. APNs are effective in improving the outcomes such as patient satisfaction, readmissions, cost, health status, and complications. The interprofessional educational efforts should instill the core competencies by following guiding principles of being patient centered; having a community or population focus; emphasizing relationships and processes; containing developmentally appropriate activities and assessments; and being outcome driven. The American Nurses Association (ANA) 20 issued a competency document outlining essential genomic competencies for graduate nurses. The document was established by an expert consensus panel in genetics and genomics. The document contains 38 competencies under seven major categories that include risk assessment and interpretation; genetic education, counseling, testing, and results interpretation; clinical management; ethical, legal, and social implications; professional role; leadership; and research. In professional practice, the essential competencies of the ANA document require nurses with graduate level education to be competent in risk assessment and interpretation; genetic education, counseling, testing, and results interpretation; clinical management; and ethical, legal, and social implications as they relate to genetics and genomics. Theories in nursing practice (See the last page-split among many members-most have not submitted) SOAP NOTE – S – Looking for Subjective Evidence Interview the patient and/or family member about the history of the present illness. Ask about the presentation of the illness (timing, signs and symptoms, etc.) Ask whether the patient is on any medication, inquire about past medical history, diet, etc. Be alert for the historical findings because they provide important clues that help point to the correct diagnosis (or differential diagnosis). O - Looking for Objective Evidence Perform physical exam (general or targeted to the present complaints). If applicable, perform a physical maneuver (Tinel’s, Kernig’s, drawer, etc.) Order laboratory/other tests to “rule in” (or “rule out”) the differential diagnosis If the laboratory test result is abnormal, you may be asked about the next step (such as a follow up lab test that is more sensitive or specific). A-Assessment The medical diagnoses for the medical visit on the given date of a note written. An assessment is the diagnosis or condition the patient has. In some instances, there may be one clear diagnosis. In other cases, a patient may have several things wrong. There may also be other times where a definitive diagnosis is not yet made, and more than one possible diagnosis is included in the assessment. P-Plan [Show More]

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