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Sophia -unit 1-milestone 1-with verified answers-2022 You passed this Milestone 17 questions were answered correctly. 3UquNestiIonTs we1re a—nswerMed inIcLorrEectSly.TONE 1 In a normal dis... tribution, which statement best describes the relationship between mean, median, and mode? The mean and median will fall in the center of the distribution and the mode will be larger than both. The mean will always be the smallest value, while the mode and median will be the same. The mode will be in the center of the distribution and the mean and median may be higher or lower. RATIONALE In a normal distribution, all the measures of center (mean, median, and mode) are the same and equal to the center value. CONCEPT Representing How Data is Normally Distributed 2 Distributions may be normal or they may be skewed to the left or the right. Which of the following graphs is an example of a right-skewed distribution? CONTINUED............. [Show More]

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