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Test Bank for International Economics, 18th Edition by Robert Carbaugh TEST BANK ISBN-13: 9780357518915 Full chapters included Chapter 1: The International Economy and Globalization 1-1 Global... ization of Economic Activity 1-2 Waves of Globalization 1-3 The United States as an Open Economy 1-4 Common Fallacies of International Trade 1-5 Is International Trade an Opportunity or a Threat to Workers? 1-6 Has Globalization Gone Too Far? 1-7 The Plan of This Text Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Part 1: International Trade Relations Chapter 2: Foundations of Modern Trade Theory: Comparative Advantage 2-1 Historical Development of Modern Trade Theory 2-2 Production Possibilities Frontiers 2-3 Trading under Constant-Cost Conditions 2-4 Changing Comparative Advantage 2-5 Trading under Increasing-Cost Conditions 2-6 The Impact of Trade on Jobs 2-7 Comparative Advantage Extended to Many Products and Countries 2-8 Factor Mobility, Exit Barriers, and Trade 2-9 Empirical Evidence on Comparative Advantage 2-10 The Case for Free Trade 2-11 Comparative Advantage and Global Supply Chains: Outsourcing Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Chapter 3: Sources of Comparative Advantage 3-1 Factor Endowments as a Source of Comparative Advantage 3-2 Economies of Scale and Comparative Advantage 3-3 Overlapping Demands as a Basis for Trade 3-4 Intra-Industry Trade 3-5 Technology as a Source of Comparative Advantage: The Product Cycle Theory 3-6 Dynamic Comparative Advantage: Industrial Policy 3-7 Government Regulatory Policies and Comparative Advantage 3-8 Transportation Costs and Comparative Advantage Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Exploring Further Chapter 4: Tariffs 4-1 The Tariff Concept 4-2 Types of Tariffs 4-3 Effective Rate of Protection 4-4 Tariff Escalation 4-5 Outsourcing and Offshore-Assembly Provision 4-6 Dodging Import Tariffs: Tariff Avoidance and Tariff Evasion 4-7 Postponing Import Tariffs 4-8 Tariff Effects: An Overview 4-9 Tariff Welfare Effects: Consumer Surplus and Producer Surplus 4-10 Tariff Welfare Effects: Small-Nation Model 4-11 Tariff Welfare Effects: Large-Nation Model 4-12 Examples of U.S. Tariffs 4-13 How a Tariff Burdens Exporters 4-14 Tariffs and the Poor: Regressive Tariffs 4-15 Arguments for Trade Restrictions 4-16 The Political Economy of Protectionism Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Exploring Further Chapter 5: Nontariff Trade Barriers 5-1 Absolute Import Quota 5-2 Tariff-Rate Quota: A Two-Tier Tariff 5-3 Export Quotas 5-4 Domestic Content Requirements 5-5 Subsidies 5-6 Dumping 5-7 Antidumping Regulations 5-8 Is Antidumping Law Unfair? Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Exploring Further Chapter 6: Trade Regulations and Industrial Policies 6-1 U.S. Tariff Policies before 1930 6-2 Smoot-Hawley Act 6-3 Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act 6-4 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 6-5 World Trade Organization 6-6 Trade Promotion Authority (Fast-Track Authority) 6-7 Safeguards (the Escape Clause): Emergency Protection from Imports 6-8 Countervailing Duties: Protection against Foreign Export Subsidies 6-9 Antidumping Duties: Protection against Foreign Dumping 6-10 Section 301: Protection against Unfair Trading Practices 6-11 Protection of Intellectual Property Rights 6-12 Trade-Adjustment Assistance 6-13 Industrial Policies of the United States 6-14 Strategic Trade Policy 6-15 Economic Sanctions Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Exploring Further Chapter 7: Trade Policies for the Developing Nations 7-1 Developing Nation Trade Characteristics 7-2 Tensions between Developing Nations and Advanced Nations 7-3 Trade Problems of the Developing Nations 7-4 Stabilizing Primary-Product Prices 7-5 The OPEC Oil Cartel 7-6 Aiding the Developing Nations 7-7 Economic Growth Strategies: Import Substitution versus Export-Led Growth 7-8 East Asian Economies 7-9 China's Great Leap Forward 7-10 India: Breaking Out of the Third World Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Chapter 8: Regional Trading Arrangements 8-1 Regional Integration versus Multilateralism 8-2 Types of Regional Trading Arrangements 8-3 Impetus for Regionalism 8-4 Effects of a Regional Trading Arrangement 8-5 The European Union 8-6 The Eurozone - Europe's Monetary Union 8-7 North American Free Trade Agreement: United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Exploring Further Chapter 9: International Factor Movements and Multinational Enterprises 9-1 The Multinational Enterprise 9-2 Motives for Foreign Direct Investment 9-3 Supplying Products to Foreign Buyers: Whether to Produce Domestically or Abroad 9-4 Country Risk Analysis 9-5 Foreign Auto-Assembly Plants in the United States 9-6 International Joint Ventures 9-7 Multinational Enterprises as a Source of Conflict 9-8 International Labor Mobility: Migration Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Part 2: International Monetary Relations Chapter 10: The Balance of Payments 10-1 Double-Entry Accounting 10-2 Balance-of-Payments Structure 10-3 U.S. Balance of Payments 10-4 What Does a Current Account Deficit (Surplus) Mean? 10-5 Balance of International Indebtedness 10-6 The Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Chapter 11: Foreign Exchange 11-1 Foreign-Exchange Market 11-2 Foreign Currency Trading Becomes Automated 11-3 Types of Foreign-Exchange Transactions 11-4 Interbank Trading 11-5 Reading Foreign-Exchange Quotations 11-6 Forward and Futures Markets 11-7 Foreign Currency Options 11-8 Exchange-Rate Determination 11-9 Indexes of the Foreign-Exchange Value of the Dollar: Nominal and Real Exchange Rates 11-10 Interest Arbitrage, Currency Risk, and Hedging 11-11 Foreign-Exchange Market Speculation 11-12 Foreign-Exchange Trading as a Career Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Exploring Further Chapter 12: Exchange-Rate Determination 12-1 What Determines Exchange Rates? 12-2 Determining Long-Run Exchange Rates 12-3 Inflation Rates, Purchasing Power Parity, and Long-Run Exchange Rates 12-4 Determining Short-Run Exchange Rates: The Asset Market Approach 12-5 Exchange Rate Overshooting 12-6 Forecasting Foreign-Exchange Rates Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Exploring Further Chapter 13: Exchange-Rate Adjustments and the Balance of Payments 13-1 Effects of Exchange-Rate Changes on Costs and Prices 13-2 Cost-Cutting Strategies of Manufacturers in Response to Currency Appreciation 13-3 Will Currency Depreciation Reduce a Trade Deficit? The Elasticity Approach 13-4 J-Curve Effect: Time Path of Depreciation 13-5 Exchange-Rate Pass-Through 13-6 The Absorption Approach to Currency Depreciation 13-7 The Monetary Approach to Currency Depreciation Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Exploring Further Chapter 14: Exchange-Rate Systems and Currency Crises 14-1 Exchange-Rate Practices 14-2 Choosing an Exchange-Rate System: Constraints Imposed by Free Capital Flows 14-3 Fixed Exchange-Rate System 14-4 Floating Exchange Rates 14-5 Managed Floating Rates 14-6 The Crawling Peg 14-7 Currency Manipulation and Currency Wars 14-8 Capital Controls 14-9 Increasing the Credibility of Fixed Exchange Summary Key Concepts and Terms Study Questions Chapter 15: Macroeconomic Policy in an Open Economy 15-1 Economic Objectives of Nations 15-2 Policy Instruments 15-3 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply: A Brief Review 15-4 Monetary and Fiscal Policies in a Closed Economy 15-5 Monetary and Fiscal Policies in an Open Economy 15-6 Macroeconomic Stability and the Current Account: Policy Agreement versus Policy Conflict 15-7 Inflation with Unemployment 15-8 International Economic Policy Coordination Summary [Show More]

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