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Meningitis: ● Inflammation of the meninges. ● S/S: Fever, headache, stiff neck, chills, photophobia. ● Bacterial meningitis causes ICP and virus meningitis does not. ● Cases may involve SZ... . ● EMS Tx: Mask pt and yourself and be ready for SZ. ● Kernig test: Pain when attempting straightening of knees when hips are flexed. ● Brudzinski test: Causes involuntary flexion of the knees when head is flexed towards the chest. ● Kernig and Brudzinski tests point towards bacterial meningitis. Hypoglycemia: ● Low BGL ● Normal: 60-120 ● Hypo = below 45 ● S/S: AMS, tachy, fatigue, nausea, polydipsia(thrist), polyuria(urination), and polyphagia(hunger). ● EMS Tx: Glucose and Glucagon ● DM1: Insulin dependant ● DM2: Non-insulin dependant Physical abuse: ● Husband answering questions for pt, request law enforcement, keep an eye out for bruising at different stages of healing. Alcohol withdrawal: ● SZ may occur. Tx SZ with a benzodiazepine like Valium(1-3mg). ● S/S: Fever, tachy, hTN, possible AMS. ● Tx: Support heart, SZ control, manage body temp and hTN with infusions of N.S. Caustic ingestion: ● Acids with a pH value of less than 2.0. ● Alkalis with a pH of more than 12.0. ● S/S: Severe pain in mouth, throat, or chest, possible resp. distress due to swelling of airway. ● EMS Tx: ABC’S, identifying substance and contacting medical control. ● Try to have pt drink milk or water to help dilute. ● DO NOT: Insert an NG tube. Albuterol: ● Works on B2 receptors. ● Bronchodilator ● Opens lungs in cases of bronchospasms. Environmental poisoni [Show More]

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