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Smart Serve Practice Test 2022 Question Answer (Online Quiz)

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You must be this old to sell alcohol 18 Establishments that serve alcohol are required to also serve this Food, non-alcoholic beverages This act determines who can sell, buy alcohol L... iquor License Act The Liquor License Act is issued by this group Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario This is a policy that means unfinished commercially made wine can be removed from premises by patron Take Home the Rest (THTR) Establishment must do this to THTR wine Reseal partial bottle with cork flush with top THTR applies to only which type of alcohol Wine This policy allows patrons to bring wine with them to restaurants Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW) Restaurants can only sell alcohol bought from this Canadian Government store Alcohol can only be sold and consumed here Licensed areas Establishments cannot have a law requiring patrons to do this Buy a minimum amount of drinks to enter Servers cannot do this to slow down someone getting drunk Water down drinks This is the only type of container shooters are able to be served in Round-bottomed, self-supporting glasses. No vials or test tubes. Establishments must post signs warning about this Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder The law that dictates posting signs about FASD is referred to as this Sandy's law Hours of operation for restaurants serving alcohol are 11am-2am [Show More]

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