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FEMA IS-200.c: Basic Incident Command System for initial response, ICS-200. questions and answers latest 2022

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FEMA IS-200.c: Basic Incident Command System for initial response, ICS-200. An Incident Commander's scope of authority comes from the Incident Action Plan False Which Incident Type requires o... ne or two single resources with up to Six personnel? Type 5 Which Incident Type is limited to one operational period, does not require a written incident Action Plan, Involves Command and General Staff only if needed, and requires several single resources? Type 4 Which Incident Type do these characteristics describe: Some or All of the command and General staff are activated as well as Division or Group Supervisor and/or Unit Leader positions, the incident extends into multiple operational periods, and a written IAP is required? Type 3 Which Incident Type requires regional or national resources with up to 200 personnel per operational period? Type 2 Which Incident Type requires regional or national resources, all Command and General Staff positions are activated, branches are activated, personnel may exceed 500 per operational period, and a disaster declaration may occur? Type 1 Which General Staff member directs management of all incident-related operational activities to achieve the incident objects? Operations Section Chief When a more qualified person arrives on scene, which statement best describes what happens? The more qualified person has options based on agency guidelines; these can include assuming command, maintaining command as is, or requesting a more qualified Incident Commander Which statement blew correctly describes how to manage span of control using the modular concept? Span of Control is accomplished by organizing resources into Teams, Divisions, Groups, Branches, or Sections Which statement accurately describes one reason a delegation of authority may be needed? When the incident scope is complex or beyond existing authorities. Using specific position titles in ICS helps to describe the responsibilities of the position. TRUE Predicting the resource needs of an incident to determine the appropriate management structure is referred to as (A) Complexity Analysis Which type of Briefing is delivered to individual resources or crews who are assigned to operational tasks and/or work at or near the incident site? Field-level briefing Which major NIMS component describes systems and methods that help to ensure that incident personnel and other decision makers have the means and information they need to make and communicate decisions? Communications and Information Management An Important feature of Emergency Operation Plans is that they ___________________? provide a uniform response to all hazards that a community may face ICS Form 201 is not suitable for use as an initial Incident Action Plan (IAP) FALSE Mutual Aide Agreements ________________________________________? assist agencies and jurisdictions when existing resources are inadequate The Incident Comman System (ICS) is: A standardized management tool for meeting the demands of small or large emergency or nonemergency situations The first duty of ICS leadership is the safety of all ersonnell involved in an incident or a planned event. TRUE An Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) from the affected jurisdiction is considered an ICS tool. TRUE Which of the following demonstrates a leader's commitment to duty? All of the Above Who generally facilitates the Operational Period Brief? Planning Section Chief Which of these is NOT a tool that you would need at the incident? Exercise Plan An Incident Commander's scope of authority is derived from existing laws, agency policies, and/or ______________________? Delegation of Authority Which ICS Supervisory Position title is used at the Division/Group organizational level? Supervisor Which of the following best describes the Operational Period Briefing? Presents the Incident Action Pan (IAP) for the upcoming period to supervisory personnel When command is transferred, then all personnel involved in the incident should be told The effective time and date of the transfer The Incident Comman Systems (ICS) is only applicable to large, complex incidents. FALSE [Show More]

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