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Microeconomics Principles, Applications, and Tools, 10th Edition, By Arthur O'Sullivan, Steven Sheffrin, Stephen Perez (Test Bank )

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PART 1: INTRODUCTION AND KEY PRINCIPLES Introduction: What Is Economics? The Key Principles of Economics Exchange and Markets Demand, Supply, and Market Equilibrium PART 2: A CLOSER LOOK AT DEMAN... D AND SUPPLY Elasticity: A Measure of Responsiveness Market Efficiency and Government Intervention Consumer Choice: Utility Theory and Insights from Neuroscience PART 3: MARKET STRUCTURES AND PRICING Production Technology and Cost Perfect Competition Monopoly and Price Discrimination Market Entry and Monopolistic Competition Oligopoly and Strategic Behavior Controlling Market Power: Antitrust and Regulation PART 4: EXTERNALITIES AND INFORMATION Imperfect Information: Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard Public Goods and Public Choice External Costs and Environmental Policy PART 5: THE LABOR MARKET AND INCOME DISTRIBUTION The Labor Market and the Distribution of Income PART 6: THE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY International Trade and Public Policy [Show More]

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