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CyberRookie CSX Fundamentals - Section 1: Cybersecurity Introduction and Overview

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Cybersecurity Correct Answer: The protection of information assets by addressing threats to information processed, stored and transported by internetworked information systems Numerous factors, bo... th internal and external, can directly impact an organization and its security needs, including: Correct Answer: business plans and business environment & Available information technology, security process or systems in particular Many factors that can impact security, such as: Correct Answer: Platforms and tools used, Network connectivity (internal, third-party, public), Level of IT complexity, Operational support for security, User community and capabilities, New or emerging security tools When evaluating business plans and the general business environment, consider drivers such as: Correct Answer: Nature of business, Risk tolerance, Security profile, Industry trends for security, Mergers, acquisitions and partnerships, Consider type, frequency and resulting level of integration, Outsourcing services or providers Confidentiality Correct Answer: protection from unauthorized access or disclosure Integrity Correct Answer: protection from unauthorized modification Availability Correct Answer: protection from disruptions in access In order to successfully protect their systems and information, cybersecurity professionals must Correct Answer: demonstrate a high degree of situational awareness. Cybersecurity Correct Answer: is a field that demands skilled professionals who possess the foundational knowledge, education and thought leadership necessary to confront the difficulties that accompany constant technological change. Cybersecurity addresses Correct Answer: both internal and external threats to an organization's digital information assets by focusing on critical electronic data processes, signal processing, risk analytics and information system security engineering. Information security Correct Answer: deals with information, regardless of its format—it encompasses paper documents, digital and intellectual property in people's minds, and verbal or visual communications. Cybersecurity Correct Answer: is concerned with protecting digital assets—everything from networks to hardware and information that is processed, stored or transported by internetworked information systems In their cybersecurity frameworks, both the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the European Union A [Show More]

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