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PCB 4023L Cell Bio Lab Final Flashcards Labs 6-11

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Amiloride Correct Answer: endocytotic inhibitor that is selective Na+/H+ antiport inhibitor of macropinocytosis but not any of micropinocytotic processes Nystatin Correct Answer: endocytotic inhi... bitor that inhibits lipid raft-caveolae micropinocytosis in mammalian cells Chloropromazine Correct Answer: endocytotic inhibitor of clathrin-coated pit formation in micropinocytosis by reverse translocation of clathrin from plasma membrane to intracellular vesicles What does horseradish peroxidase do in endocytosis? Correct Answer: conjugation of LDL cholesterol; enzymatic assay for HRP will have LDL attached and reports cholesterol white adipose tissue (WAT) Correct Answer: derived from mesenchymal prescursor cells; composed of triacylglycerols and major site of energy storage in periods of energy excess; mobilize in response to hormones, nutrient deprivation; characterized by one large fatty tissue [Show More]

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