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PCB 4023 Lec 3 - Introduction to Cells & the Study of Cells

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What is the cell theory? Correct Answer: 1. All organisms are composed of one or more cells 2. Cells are the smallest living things 3. Cells arise only by the division of a previously existing cell... Fill in the blank Correct Answer: basic Which of these is NOT a postulate of cell theory? A. All cells come from a previous cell B. Cells are the smallest unit of life C. All cells have a nucleus D. All living organisms are composed of at the least one cell. Correct Answer: c. When the radius of a cell _____________ the volume of the cell increases at a ____________ rate. Correct Answer: 1. increases 2. faster The surface area/ volume ration decreases as the cell gets ____________. Correct Answer: bigger How come if larger cells have more volume and more surface area than small cells, large cells have a lower surface-area-to-volume ratio? a. Because the volume of the cell increases faster than its surface as the cell gets bigger. B. Because the surface-area-volume ratio is independent on the size of the cell C. This is incorrect. Large cells have a larger surface areas and also larger surface area to volume ratios. Correct Answer: A. [Show More]

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