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Intro to Cryptography WGU C839 Module 4 Already Passed

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These are usually the encryption of a message digest with the senders private key. In order to verify them, the recipient uses the senders public key. They are considered good if they provide the fo... llowing. Authentication Integrity Non-repudiation ✔✔Digital Signature It is a digital document that contains a public key and some information to allow your system to verify where they key came from. This is the most common way to distribute pubic keys in asymmetric cryptography. ✔✔Digital Certificate uses asymmetric key pairs and combines software, encryption and services to provide a means of protecting the security of business communications and transactions. ✔✔PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) They are in place by the RSA to ensure uniform certificate management throughout the internet ✔✔PKCS (Public Key Cryptography Standards) A certificate is a digital representation of information that identifies you as a relevant entity by a? ✔✔Trusted Third Party (TTP) This is an entity trusted by one o [Show More]

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