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Intro to Cryptography WGU C839 Module 1 Already Passed

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Most primitive of cryptographic algorithms, substitutes one character of cipher text for each character of plain text. Includes Caesar Cipher Atbash Cipher Affine Cipher Rot13 Cipher ✔✔Mono-A... lphabet Substitution First used by Julius Caesar Every letter is shifted a fixed number of spaces to the left or right the alphabet. ✔✔Caesar Cipher Hebrew Code substitutes the first letter of the alphabet for the last, and the second letter for the second to last. Simply reverses the alphabet ✔✔Atbash Cipher Each letter of the alphabet is mapped to some numeric value permuted by a simple mathematical function, and the converted back to a letter. basic formula for this cipher a = is some multiple x = represents the plain text b = is the shift M = the size of the alphabet example: ax + b (mod M) or 1x + 3 (mod 26) ✔✔Affine Cipher Single (Mono) alphabet cipher but all characters are rotated 13 characters through the alphabet. A Cat [Show More]

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