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LETRS Unit 1 - Session 1 Exams with Verified Answers 2022/2023 Grade A

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LETRS Unit 1 - Session 1 Phonics relationship between letters and sounds. Code based instruction. Phonemic Awareness awareness of individual speech sounds (consonants and vowels) in spoken syllabl... es and the ability to consciously manipulate those sounds. Alphabetic Writing is less than ___________ years old. 5,000 90% of all spoken languages have no written form, let alone an alphabet that represents the separate sounds of speech. Syllable the unit of pronunciation that is organized around a vowel; it may or may not have a consonant after the vowel. Egyptians invented the first alphabet in 2,000 BCE Phoenician alphabet was developed in _________ and was the granfather of our alphabet 19 of 26 letters can be traced. 1,000 BCE Modern American English spelling was settled in 1828 with [Show More]

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