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LETRS Unit 1 - Session 1 Phonics - correct answerrelationship between letters and sounds. Code based instruction. Phonemic Awareness - correct answerawareness of individual speech sounds (consonan... ts and vowels) in spoken syllables and the ability to consciously manipulate those sounds. Alphabetic Writing is less than ___________ years old. - correct answer5,000 90% of all spoken languages have no - correct answerwritten form, let alone an alphabet that represents the separate sounds of speech. Syllable - correct answerthe unit of pronunciation that is organized around a vowel; it may or may not have a consonant after the vowel. Egyptians invented the first alphabet in - correct answer2,000 BCE Phoenician alphabet was developed in _________ and was the granfather of our alphabet 19 of 26 letters can be traced. - correct answer1,000 BCE Modern American English spelling was settled in 1828 with - correct answerWebster's Dictionary Orthograpy - correct answera writing system for representing language Morphonphonemic - correct answeralphabetic writing principle organized by both sound-symbol correspondences and morphology. Morpheme - correct answerthe smallest meaningful unit of language; it may be a word or a part of word; it may be a single sound, one syllable or multiple syllables To read an alphabetic alphabet a person must - correct answermentally link the alphabetic symbols with the single speech sounds or phonemes that they represent. All alphabets require - correct answerspeech sound (phoneme) awareness by the reader. Shallow or Transparent Alphabetic Orthography - correct answercorrespondences in the alphabetic writing system are regular and predictable. One sound represented by one symbol or letter. Deep or Opague Alphabetic Orthography - correct answerthe spelling system represens morphemes (meaningful parts) as well as speech sounds. Morphophonemic contains both phonemes and morphemes. [Show More]

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