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LETRS Unit 3 Assessment Quiz. Which of the following is not one of the strands in Scarborough's Reading Rope? How can code-emphasis or phonics-emphasis instruction be used most effectively? - Which wo... rd group might a teacher include in a lesson focused on identification of consonant blends? Which word group might a teacher include in a lesson focused on reviewing consonant digraphs? In a complete phonics lesson of 30-40 minutes, which activity would typically not be included? Of all the phonic correspondences represented in these words, which pattern is likely to be learned after the others? About what percent of English words can be spelled and read accurately using sound-symbol correspondences alone, without knowing the syllable patterns, meaningful parts, or word origin? How many graphemes are in the word weight? Which of the following tasks would best provide practice for learning letter formation in kindergarten? In Ehri's early alphabetic phase of word-reading development, students know some letter-sound correspondences and most letter names. A student at this level is most likely to progress with instruction focused on: What is the best key word to put on a sound-symbol card to teach short e, /ĕ/. A good phonics lesson should include opportunities for students to directly apply the phoneme-grapheme relationships that have been explicitly taught. Which text type would best provide the practice needed? Which of the following is the best example of a well-designed word list for a word chaining activity? A first-grade teacher has posted a word wall using alphabetical order to list the high-frequency words the students must learn. For example, under A are the words aunt, along, an, add, April, and above. How could the teacher best ensure that students will recognize and spell words that begin with a? What is true about the relationship between reading and spelling? [Show More]

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