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BIO201L Lab 9 The Endocrine System[ALL ANSWERS 100% CORRECT] PRE-LAB Q&A

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Lab 9 The Endocrine System BIO201L Student Name: Latoya Tulloch Access Code (located on the lid of your lab kit): AC-7JYMXQH Pre-Lab Questions ”1. What is the function of the endocrine system?”... The endocrine system regulates and facilitates the metabolism and development/growth of the body and promoting sexual functioning and development. ”2. Research two types of hormones and describe the mode of action for each. ” Oxytocin promotes labour byb inducing contractions and regulation of bleeding following birth. Melatonin facilitates individual sleep-wake cycle. ”3. Which gland is both endocrine and exocrine? ” Endocrine and exocrine are all entailed in pancreas gland. ”4. Which hormones control the fight or flight response? ” Adrenaline hormone is responsible for flight and fight response. ”5. What is type 1 diabetes and what is the treatment for this disease? ” Type 1 diabetes involves the incapability of the body in sectreting its insulin. The recommended therapy involves insulin therapy, regular exercises or working out and regulating individual levels of sugar intake. ”6. Describe how Ca2+ levels in the blood are regulated by hormones. ” The parathyroid hormone regulates the concetration of calcium in blood by controlling the osteoblasts and osteoclasts. The thyroid gland produces the calcitonin hormone to lower calcium levels when high. ”7. How do the nervous and endocrine systems work together to maintain homeostasis of the body? ” To facilitate the homeostasis the endocrine system recives the signals from the nervous system to secrete hormones and the appropriate time to. Experiment 1: Microscopic Anatomy of the Endocrine System Table 2: Experiment 1 Image Observations Image Type Image Observations Thyroid Gland Cuboidal epithelial cells lining up th follicles. Simple and closely packed together. Lab 9 The Endocrine System BIO201L Image Type Image Observations Parathyroid Gland Loosely packed and variation on the sizes. Comprising of the oxyphil and chief cells. Pancreas Comprising of the islet of Langerhans and intralobular ducts. Islets entaisl the epsilpon, beta and alpha cells. The lobes contain the ducts. Adrenal Gland Tightly packed cells, permeation on the capillary and at cortex center is the medulla. The Outermost layer formulates linear groups while manifest vacoulation. Pituitary Gland Separated by posterior ans anterior lobes. Pars intermedia separates the regions. The cells are multilayered Anterior Pituitary Gland The vascular canals encompsss the organized clusters. Post-Lab Questions ”1. Label the items in the following slide images based on your observations. ” A- colloid B- folllicular cells Lab 9 The Endocrine System BIO201L 2. Identify the indicated components in the slide image below. [Show More]

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