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NURS 6512 Week 8 Quiz Question and Answers GradeAplus

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Your examination of an infant reveals a positive Allis sign. To confirm this finding, you would perform a: A goniometer is used to assess: The musculoskeletal examination should begin when: A red, ... hot swollen joint in a 40-year-old man should lead you to suspect: An increase in muscle tone is known as: A tingling sensation radiating from the wrist to the hand on striking the median nerve is a positive _____ sign. The strength of the trapezius muscle is evaluated by having the patient: Inquiry about nocturnal muscle spasms would be most significant when taking the musculoskeletal history of: Expected normal findings during inspection of spinal alignment include: Light skin and thin body habitus are risk factors for: The dowager hump is: Arm length is measured from the acromion process through the: Pain, disease of the muscle, or damage to the motor neuron may all cause: What technique is performed at every infant examination during the first year of life to detect hip dislocation? Term infants normally resist: A finding that is indicative of osteoarthritis is: A 3-year-old is brought to the clinic complaining of a painful right elbow. He is holding the right arm slightly flexed and pronated and refuses to move it. The mother states that symptoms started right after his older brother had been swinging him around by his arms. This presentation supports a diagnosis of: Anterior cruciate ligament integrity is assessed via the _____ test. A 7-year-old boy is brought into your office with a chief complaint of possible fracture in his left third finger. He jammed it while playing basketball 2 days ago. The mother states that she really does not think it is broken because he can move it. What is your best response? A patient presenting for the first time with typical low back pain should receive which of the following diagnostic tests? [Show More]

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