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Straighterline-BIO-201-MH-V3-Topic-8 Joints Quiz | 33.25 out of 35.00 (95%)

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Page path •BIO201_MH_V3 •Topic 8: Joints Question 1 Ellipsoid joints Select one: a. are multiaxial joints. b. are found between adjacent vertebra. c. are actually modified ball and socket jo... ints. d. allow free rotation. e. are modified pivot joints. Question 2 A dislocated shoulder involves separation of the __________ from the scapula. Select one: a. radius b. clavicle c. humerus d. manubrium e. sternum Question 3 Which of the following pairs of terms are opposites? Select one: a. plantar flexion - dorsiflexion b. abduction - extension c. inversion - retraction d. pronation - rotation e. elevation - protraction Question 4 A biaxial joint has movement Select one: a. around one axis. b. around two axes at right angles to one another. c. about several axes. d. as long as there is articular cartilage present. e. that always rotates. Question 5 A joint that consists of two opposed flat surfaces of approximately equal size is a _____ joint. Select one: a. plane b. saddle c. hinge d. pivot e. ellipsoid Question 6 The figure illustrates the joints and bones of the rib cage. What does [Show More]

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