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Essential Cell Biology CH 18 test bank Flashcards Questions and Answers 2023

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What would be the most obvious outcome of repeated cell cycles consisting of S phase and M phase only? (a) Cells would not be able to replicate their DNA. (b) The mitotic spindle could not assemble.... (c) Cells would get larger and larger. (d) The cells produced would get smaller and smaller. - -d -Which of the following events does not usually occur during interphase? (a) Cells grow in size. (b) The nuclear envelope breaks down. (c) DNA is replicated. (d) The centrosomes are duplicated. - -b -In which phase of the cell cycle do cells check to determine whether the DNA is fully and correctly replicated? (a) at the transition between G1 and S (b) when cells enter G0 (c) during M (d) at the end of G2 - -d -Which of the following statements about the cell cycle is false? (a) Once a cell decides to enter the cell cycle, the time from start to finish is the same in all eukaryotic cells. (b) An unfavorable environment can cause cells to arrest in G1. (c) A cell has more DNA during G2 than it did in G1. (d) The cleavage divisions that occur in an early embryo have short G1 and G2 phases. - -a [Show More]

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