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NUR 101 final exam Questions and Answers High Grade 2023

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Nursing process-ADPIE - -A-Assessment D-Diagnosis P-Planning I-Implementation E- Evaluation -Purpose of assessment - -identify wellness, strengths, problems, evaluate plan of care and intervent... ions -Gordon's functional health patterns - -holistic focus on patients-assessment *health perception/management *nutrition-metabolism *elimination *activity-exercise *sleep-rest *cognitive-perceptual *self perception-self concept *role-relationship *sexuality-reproduction *coping-stress *value-belief -Exam techniques-IPPA, IAPP - -IPPA-inspection,palpitation, percussion, auscultation IAPP-inspection, auscultation, palpitation, percussion-abdomen -NANDA - -North American Nursing Diagnosis Association- Nursing diagnosis -HIPAA - -Health care insurance portability and accountability act -informed consent - -client informed by physician procedure/treatment, surgery and risks. RN gives written consent to be signed. example: shared decision making -critical thinking - -process of information: knowledge, experiences, competencies, attitudes, and standards.*helps to form nursing diagnosis, *using evidenced based rationale -clinical reasoning - -worst possible scenario, be prepared -health perception - -verifies client understanding of conditions and maintaining health *appearance *current complaint *history [Show More]

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