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Essential Cell Biology Chapter 8: Control of Gene Expression Questions and Answers 2023

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Housekeeping Proteins - -Proteins common to many cell types, concerned with basic metabolic and structural functions. -Regulatory DNA Sequences - -DNA sequence to which a transcription regulator bi... nds to determine when where & in what quantities a gene is to be transcribed into RNA. -Transcription Regulators - -Proteins that bind specifically to a regulatory DNA sequence; involved in controlling whether a gene is switched on or off; activator or repressor. Can coordinate the expression of MANY genes. -DNA Binding Motifs - -3D substructure that is found in many proteins; bind regulatory DNA-binding proteins at enhancer/bidning/operator sites; interact with specific sequences of bases, usually through the major groove of the DNA helix. Ex. Zinc Finger, Helix-turn-helix [Show More]

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What is the function of proteins? - -They serve as building blocks for cell structures; they regulate of genes; and they enable cells to move and communicate with one another. -What is the likely c...

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